A Client came to me asking whether I would make her a simple poster for her career coaching service using a text with certain key phrases to catch the readers attention. 
However, I thought this was too easy, simple, and boring. So, I decided to go even further than just ONE poster and instead make THREE! 
The thinking behind this was to highlight the two key questions in the passage and use those as the main focus of each poster. 
The first question I used was "Are you at a crossroads and don't know what to do next?"
With this poster, I used the imagery of a sign normally used at a crossroads as the focal point of the poster. The illustration uses bold contrasting colours, as I thought it would be better than traditional poster style used for career coaching where it uses stock photos and outdated graphics to convince somebody to attend the event.
I also thought this style will help her brand stand out from her competitors.
The next poster emphasizes the question "Have you got a big career decision to make?" 
I thought the illustration of signing a contract was effective because the action of signing a contract happens when a large situation is on the horizon.  
The third question was "Is your career coming to a stand still?" I thought of this myself.
The imagery consists of people standing in a queue since people stand still in queues for long periods of time. So I thought it was a nice play on words. 
Feel free to have a closer look at them in detail. :)
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