If somebody were to create a documentary based on the book called 'The Future' written by environmental activist and former Vice President Al Gore, what would it look like? This project answers this question in some form. 
This project involved me creating a title sequence for this documentary which explains the basis of the book which is the 'Six Drivers of Global Change' the six factors that are affecting the Earth as we know it. These drivers are 'Earth Inc.', 'The Global Mind', 'Power In The Balance', 'The Reinvention of Life and Death' and 'The Edge'.

It started out with a load of in-depth brainstorms. reading through the book and writing down ideas of how the things being explained can be used as an idea for a scene in a title sequence. 
Since there were so many ideas being put down, I had to condense them into an overview and look at the ideas that I could realistically visualise. Relating the ideas to things seen in the real world. 
After the brainstorms, I spent a lot of time trying to find inspiration for the video and the things I did I tried once and then thought that I don't want to do it anymore. Until I found something that I believed that I could pull off. Which was a first-person day in the life which was inspired by Google Glass, and the experience they attempted to create with graphics floating right in front of you, being able to do certain things without a screen in your face. All I needed was a go-pro and some good editing skills. 
Now that I had the idea, the next part was working out the plot to this film. Where I could incorporate things that related to the six drivers. The plots I came up with are shown below. 
Whilst filming and editing the first few clips I realised I needed to figure out what the graphics would look like in each clip. So I had to do some sketches to figure it out.
Whilst editing I realised that the film I was planning to make would be too long, as the title sequence had a time limit of 15 - 30 seconds. So I decided to cut it down to one clip per driver. So, therefore, I also had to write out a new plot to understand the storyline behind it. Shortening the film actually helped since editing the clips was very time-consuming. 
After that, I drew up the final storyboards for each clip
Even though I had shortened it, It was still beyond the time limit of 15-30 seconds, however, I was still allowed to submit the version seen at the top of the page as well as a shorter version which only included the first clip.
Enjoy having a closer look at the final screenshots below.
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